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vegusto vegan cheese. america needs this. seriously, i’ve tried it twice now and it completely obliterates the other vegan cheese brands available here in LA. while it doesn’t ship to america at the moment, i was able to obtain some in paris and convince the fine people at cruzer to put it on a pizza for me. 

let’s just say the meeting of the world’s best vegan cheese and california’s only vegan pizzeria was a match made in heaven. this outcome was incredible. cruzer always does it right, but the addition of vegusto took their already stellar pizza to the next level.

vegusto doesn’t have stretch factor of other brands, but the flavor is eerily cheese-like. it tastes like funk rather than science.

vegusto, if you’re reading this, please come to LA. and to everyone else: hit up cruzer pizza!! that place rules. the food is good, the staff is friendly, and they have a pizza named after yours truly.

OMG i want to thank whoever posted this link because i’ve been looking for some hard cheeses for so so long! YOU ARE AMAZING AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND OMG I WANNA BUY EVERYTHING FROM THIS STORE! :O

I want…

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